Gaalis – Hindrance to one’s progress

logoThere are so many instances whereby children who are passionate about realising their dreams be it in sports or any other field are forced to re-consider their career option and retreat as a result of the negative influence on them by their peers and people associated with them.

In one of the instances, a young promising teenage cricketer stopped going for his routine cricket coaching. His parents were taken aback as he was a boy who had dreamt only of being a cricketer and doing his country proud like his other cricketing icons. As years went by, one day when his father coaxed him to open up and share his views on why he left cricket, pat came the reply that he couldn’t handle the gaalis that his other fellow players were using in their conversations with him.

The boy’s co-players greeted and passed remarks on each other using lewd gaalis. This became a common practise and the boy felt very uneasy in their company.

He couldn’t focus on the game, he started retreating from them. He would often keep wondering as to why they use such gaalis. It was a nagging habit to make someone a scapegoat and use a volley of gaalis to tease, humiliate and mock at others.

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3 thoughts on “Gaalis – Hindrance to one’s progress”

  1. That’s so sad! This incident is very true. We want our children to get best world, but see what are we giving them. I join ur movement. I pledge that i will not use gaali now onwards. Thank you for waking me up.

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