Water Communications to launch the second leg of Gaali Free India campaign

The initiative is being done on Children’s Day to stop people from abusing in front of their children.

Water Communications a Mumbai based communications and digital agency, is launching its second leg of Gaali Free India initiative on November 14, 2016 on the occasion of Children’s Day. This initiative fosters ambitions to rid India of the curse of verbal abuse.


After concerted thinking and strategising, the agency emerged with a digital campaign that conveyed the message in a cute, light manner. The campaign took everyday’s harsh words that border on abuse, and gave them a childlike spin and creative interpretation. The reason behind this thinking is that today children are mouthing bad-words absorbed from adults’ own usage, and happily parroting the same, often without even knowing what it means.

The agency has come up with a digital campaign to promote the initiative.


Vandana-Sethhi-Gaali-Free-IndiaSpeaking about the initiative, Vandana Sethhi, says in a press release, “I have always wanted to give back to society. For years, even decades, I have been appalled by the depths to which the language of my fellow countrymen has fallen. As a proud Indian, I want to see Indian society as a shining example to the rest of the world. The world looks at us and our culture and history with awe and appreciation.”

She adds, “It’s time we stop crudeness in our talk from ruining this respect that has taken centuries to build. Our children are our future, if we can free them of this menace now; inculcate in them the right values of pure verbal communication, just think how beautiful future society will be!”

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