Gaalis, the modern leeches


Gaalis are no less than leeches that feed on our value systems, our moral and emotional health. The more we use gaalis in our life, the more it sucks out the core values out of our lives. It is in our hands to remove the leeches out of our life to be able to live life meaningfully.

Is anyone really proud of using curse words and gaalis to disdain and taunt others? Is this what feeds their ego and makes them feel happy? Does anyone think twice before using curse words and what it actually implies? Most curse words are so vulgar and often used in the context of mothers and daughters. So aren’t people actually insulting mothers and sisters by using curse words? Don’t others mothers and sisters hold the same meaning as it does for one’s own mother and sisters? So why use ‘MC’ and ‘BC’ as part of one’s vocabulary?

The answer is with each and every one of you and so is the solution. It’s time to set an alarm clock in our minds and every time you feel frustrated and try to depend on curse words to vent out your angst, let our biological alarm buzz and remind you to refrain from using gaalis. If not for anyone, do it for mothers and sisters sake. Bring back the real respect into our value systems.

Over to you now! It’s time to inspire others and as responsible citizens, work towards making India Gaali Free.

Learn more about this initiative on Be a Gaali Free Ambassador! Pledge to never use gaalis in front of parents, sisters, wife, children, at work, with friend or in your surroundings. Respect your language and pass on the rich language heritage to your posterity that’s devoid of the filth of gaalis! Do it for the love of your sanskriti.

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1 thought on “Gaalis, the modern leeches”

  1. Gaalis is a social evil and will be a social evil. Unless we won’t see gaalis as something bad, we will continue to utter such bad words. It will take a deep look at ourselves and a determined effort on our part to try and throw this bad habit out of us. The real initiative starts at a personal level and then spreads to the society.

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