Gaalis are an addiction!

logoPeople who are addicted to cigarette smoking and drinking know about the repercussions on their health and yet they continue to be dependent on them as they are addicted to it. Similarly people who use curse words and gaalis become habituated to using it to such an extent that some people use it in every sentence they utter. Gaalis are a modern disease of the mind which has become an epidemic and seems to have afflicted millions of people. Like passive smoking, it is affecting people who are made scapegoats of a volley of gaalis. Especially women and children, who face verbal abuse from their own family members, continue to live a miserable life, in turn cursing their fates. People try to get cured of their addiction to smoking and drinking, but does anyone try to get cured of their addiction to gaalis? It’s time to wake up and question yourself? Just ask yourself these simple truths- ‘Am I respecting my language?” Is my diction, gaali free? “Am I addicted to using gaalis?” If the answer is ‘yes’ to more than one question, you seriously need to take a deep look at your deeply-rooted values which your parents have imbibed in you and take a concrete step to respect it. It’s time to face the addiction to gaalis and get yourself treated before it’s too late. It’s cure lies with you and you alone.

Gaali Free India is a humble attempt to make people realize that gaalis are a blot on the rich cultural and language heritage of India and an extremely negatively influencing factor on the emotional wellbeing of women and children at large.

It’s time to inspire others and as responsible citizens, work towards making India Gaali Free.

Learn more about this initiative on Be a Gaali Free Ambassador! Pledge to never use gaalis in front of children, at work, in front of friends, at home or in your surroundings. Respect your language and pass on the rich language heritage to your posterity that’s devoid of the filth of gaalis! Over to you now! Do it for your children’s sake!

Let’s work towards incorporating Swachh Bhasha, Swachh Bharat as a way of life- for only when we clean our diction and vocabulary, will do our country good.

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