India is a potpourri of cultural diversity. With an estimated 1,282,390,303 people, India is the second largest nation in terms of population. It is equivalent to 17.5% of the total world population. It is believed that over 780 languages are spoken in the country. With an expected literacy rate to touch 80% by end of this year, India is a progressive nation beyond doubt … But aren’t we lagging behind in our responsibilities as true citizens? Are we respecting the nation’s rich language heritage? This thought had been nagging Ms. Vandana Sethhi, the dynamic Entrepreneur, who has always wished to do something constructive as a responsible citizen of India and do her bit towards adding value to the India’s growth story. So one fine morning she decided that under her Social initiative, she would initiate a unique drive – Gaali Free India (Swachh Bhasha) on Republic Day.
This to her was like giving another wing to our respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji’s Swachh Bharat campaign. Under this campaign, she wanted to reach out to the people of India and remind them about their true responsibility, first towards their own language (bhasha), the need for cleaning of one’s vocabulary filled with gaalis and curse words and working towards using swachh bhasha in their day to day life while they ensured that they keep their surroundings clean.

The key insight that inspired Ms. Sethhi to launch the campaign was that every person seems to be busy running after success these days. She opines that “No doubt, it’s a mad mad race in a highly competitive world and time seems to be slipping away. People want to achieve a lot in very little time span leading to Stress, agony, frustration, aggression… And how do they cope up with this? Well, it’s sad that the easiest way for them to vent their frustration/ agression is by using gaalis. Curse words, demeaning words, double entendre words are being used to make them feel in control of themselves.

Women and children aren’t spared. They are easy preys to a volley of gaalis. As a result children start using gaalis even without realising their meanings for what they hear is what they speak as they emote people they are surrounded with. So, are we setting the right example for our posterity? Are you proud of teaching the A,B,C’s of gaalis? It’s time to re-look at our dictionaries and re-look at our vocabulary. It’s time to make India Gaali Free. There are many ways of controlling one’s emotions constructively by using inspirational quotes instead of gaalis.

This Republic Day, let’s pledge to free our country of the gaalis. Let’s work towards Gaali Free India! Let’s treat the disease before it engulfs the core values of our rich cultural heritage. Wake up with respect for your language! Do it for your children’s sake. Pledge never to use gaalis in your conversations be it at home, office, with friends, with children or while socializing. Let’s inspire others to do the same. Be a Gaali Free Ambassador and pass this message. To know more about Gaali Free India Swachch Bhasha initiative, log on to www.gaalifreeindia.org.

Show the love for your country, your language and your rich heritage. Be a responsible citizen.” – Vandana Sethhi


  1. This is a most welcome initiative and a long awaited one. Like a stone rolling over the moss picking up speed downhill so does a country which wants to gatecrash its way to prosperity and economic freedom. As a embrace a more westernized way of life specially in metros we tend to leave behind many of the values imbibed since childhood and also parts of our culture got get left behind in this fast churning way of life. What gets picked up is often unwanted bad habits like smoking drinking etc and of course uttering bad or foul language. For a foul smelling mouth there are umpteen dental solutions but for a foul speaking person there are far fewer solutions to go to.More so ever since a clean language has hardey been given the importance by society it deserves.

    Hence the galli free India concept has to be lauded in this background more since the fact that the younger generation first tends to pick the bad words in any language. Kudos for launching such a novel concept whose relevance will always remain the times to come.

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